My Travel Dates In 2023 And Early 2024

If there are certain places you are interested in but don’t see on my travel dates, do not hesitate to reach out. I am always ready for your epic adventure!

Here are the places I’ll be in 2023 and early 2024

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February 2023: Ninh Binh

April 2023: Ha Long Bay

May 2023: Ninh Binh

June 2023: Ninh Binh

August 2023: Sapa

September 2023: Moc Chau, Sapa

October 2023: Moc Chau, Ha Giang

December 2023: Moc Chau, Ninh Thuan

January 2024: Da Lat, Thailand, Moc Chau

February 2024: Phu Quoc Island

March 2024: Cao Bang, Sapa

As an elopement photographer, I am proud of providing a unique elopement experience that results in photos that are intentional and honest no matter where we go, who you are or what you do.

Planning Your Elopement And Intimate Wedding

Some behinds the scenes and some parts of my photography journeys


Let me be a part of your epic day. I cannot wait to talk with you.

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I’ll travel to wherever to capture beautiful photos that turn into life stories and lifelong friendships.

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