Vietnam Rugged Beach Elopements

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Things to Consider When Eloping on a Rugged Beach

One of the biggest and first decisions you will need to make when planning a rugged beach elopement is which rugged beach you want to elope on. I will show you some of my favourite rugged beach locations later in the post, but this initial decision will require a little bit of research, and answering the questions below can help you determine which Vietnam Rugged Beach will best suit your needs.

How Long Do You Want To Hike?

Do you want a short walk or are you excited about a longer hike? Depending on your preference, I can find a trail that meets your expectations. The great thing about Vietnam Rugged Beach is that there are many trails of all types of length and difficulty, so I will have no problem finding the perfect hiking trail for your elopement.

Do You Have Guests At Your Rugged Beach Elopement?

If you have older or young guests you may want to hold your ceremony at an easily accessible location to help accommodate. I can always go on a longer adventure hike for your couple portraits before or after your ceremony.

The number of guests in attendance will also play a part in which locations are available for you to choose from. Some rugged beaches require wedding permits and limit or provide guidelines around the number of guests that can be in attendance but don’t worry, as your elopement photographer, I will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have all the necessary information to plan your Vietnam Rugged Beach Elopement. But in fact, most of Vietnam Rugged Beaches have no restrictions.

Vietnam Has The Best Rugged Beaches for Elopements

Vietnam is filled with a variety of epic landscapes, each as beautiful and unique as the next. No two landscapes are the same and with abundant trails and activities, you will never run out of options to explore for your adventure elopement.

There are many beautiful spots for your ideal elopement wedding. What can I say, Wow! But trust me, it’ll be worth it. Here are some of my recommendations.

01. Minh Châu Island

02. Cô Tô Island

03. Phú Quý Island

04. Ninh Thuận

05. Côn Đảo Island

06. Phú Yên

07. Quy Nhơn

As an elopement photographer, I love capturing photos of couples who are intentional about planning a day that is true to them and focused on their love.

If you know that you want to elope in Vietnam for sure but don’t know an exact location in mind please feel free to reach out anytime. I do have way more beautiful locations in my storage that I’ve been waiting for the right couple to elope at.

When is the best time to elope on the rugged beaches?

My favourite time of year for Vietnam rugged beach elopements is November – April next year as you can hike up anywhere. It is cool, fresh air and not crowded with people.

Vietnam Rugged Beach Elopement Packages

Are you ready to start planning your Vietnam Rugged Beaches Elopement? Check out my elopement experience pages to learn more about what it’s like to elope with me.

All packages included:

– Planning, mood board, location research, vendor booking, decoration ideas, and outfit consulting
– From 6 hours to Full Day, 02 days shooting
– Sneak peek photos
– All your edited breath-taking photos in a secure & private online gallery
– Fully edited, full-resolution photos
– Personal printing rights
– Photograph by Thang
– Photographer’s travel and accommodation fees included for any elopements in Vietnam

Starting at $2100 US ~ $3500 US

Hi, I am Thang – Viet Nam Adventure Elopement and Wedding Photographer

Let me be a part of your epic day. I cannot wait to talk with you.

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