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How To Get Married In South Vietnam?

It’s just incredible how many couples are choosing the magic vibes of Vietnam to celebrate one of the most important days of their lives. How can we blame them? If you’re still wondering what the fuss is all about, we’ve prepared for you a handy guide to start exploring and dreaming about such a unique place on Earth! 

Vietnam is located in South East Asia and Worldwide known for its breathtaking beauty. Quite close to the Lao, Campuchia and China border. There are many beautiful range mountains, waterfalls, plateaus, rugged beaches, sand dunes. 

They have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and that’s why so many tourists come every year to enjoy an adventure in the South of Vietnam. There are many people speaking mainly Vietnamese and secondly English. If you want to have a look at how an elopement in the South of Vietnam can be, discover more about it here!

How To Get To The South of Vietnam?

The easiest way to reach the South of Vietnam by flight is getting to Tan Son Nhat International Airport from your country/state. For some ideal elopement locations such as Ninh Thuan, Daklak, Gia Lai, Phu Yen, Hoi An, Da Lat, and Nha Trang you need to book flight tickets to reach these places. Spending a day to visit Sai Gon city and head to your elopement spot the next day.

If you head to these locations by car it would be easier for you to move freely through the region, stopping along the itinerary to enjoy the view and take awesome shots also it will be the best experience ever to drive at iconic roads and mountain passes

When To Elope In The South Of Vietnam?

There’s always a good excuse to come to this place. So I would say “all year around”. I’d also say every season offers a unique perspective of Vietnam. Summer (June-September) is the perfect season for visiting and eloping in Vietnam since the temperatures are warmer the days are longer and all the main locations are quite easy to reach. 

But also keep in mind the South of Vietnam can get very crowded, especially for the most scenic spots. From late November until April or May, the Best Elopement Season starts. So if you are dreaming of a Vietnam Elopement in a cloudy, misty area, or gorgeous rugged beach, or a desert then this will be certainly the best choice!

Once you’ve decided to elope or get married in Vietnam, you can take advantage of being there to enjoy a wonderful trip in the South of Vietnam. You can visit one of the places mentioned before, such as Da Lat, Daklak, Phan Rang-Ninh Thuan, Hoi An, and Da Nang.

These are the peaks that made Vietnam famous! They will undoubtedly have you awestruck as they tower above, clouds lingering at their peaks. Here we’ve been shooting some of the most iconic elopements ever. We will never stress out enough how mesmerizing these places can be! Find here an emotional elopement I’ve shot in Ninh Thuan which is well worth it for one of the best views in the South of Vietnam.

South Vietnam is famous for its rugged beaches, long coastlines, plateaus and waterfalls. These are honestly something else! It will be a wonderful occasion to relax, enjoy wonderful views, and experience nature.

Are you up for that? There are actually countless outdoor adventures and amazing things to do in the South of Vietnam! A guide wouldn’t be enough.

How Crowded Can The South Of Vietnam Be?

This is place is among one of the most beautiful corners of South Vietnam. If you only consider that is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It’s clear that the South of Vietnam attire many tourists in every season, indeed. This region can be very often very crowded.

But the reasons to come here and visit it are enough not to discourage you. Isn’t it? For example, a smart solution would be to celebrate your elopement at sunrise, when there are usually fewer people around. This may mean waking up very early in the morning and starting your adventure at dawn. This will create a special elopement, with just that perfect light embracing the two of you!

Can We Legally Get Married In The South Of Vietnam?

Yep! It will not be necessary to submit your paperwork to the city hall of the closest town before the wedding day. Don’t forget your passport. Actually, most of our couples decide to get legally married at home privately (or the day before their elopement in the city hall). This will allow them to be able to easily plan their Elopement as an adventure focused on fun, relaxation, and romance!

Do You Offer Vietnam Elopement Packages?

Absolutely. So, now that you’ve found your dream place, it’s time to plan your perfect day. And I want to make it memorable for you! This is why I will be much more than happy to help you out with dreaming, creating, and planning together your wedding in South Vietnam.

I’ll be your local guide also when it comes to suggesting the best accommodations and best spots to visit and where to have your ceremony. I will be able to suggest the best planners, florists, celebrants, and make-up artists to make your day the most memorable of your life! Here you’ll finally experience your elopement in Vietnam.

Because photography allows me to share my enthusiasm for nature and people, I encourage more couples to envision their elopement day exactly how they want it!

I will guide you throughout the whole process with lots of tips and information. Like what to pack and how to be prepared for your dream elopement. I cannot wait to start envisioning yours together!

How Do We Start This Process?

– You should learn all about adventure elopements and destination weddings to decide whether elopement is for you

– Explore stories on real adventure elopements and intimate weddings for inspiration

– Contact me and share with me your story or what your dream elopement looks like

Here Is What We Are Going To Do Next Together:

Initial Phone Call: I will schedule a Video Call on WhatsApp/Zoom or Facetime. I will learn about one another and get all your questions answered.

Reserve Your Date: I will proceed with a contract and a retainer fee when you guys are ready to book so I can save the date for you.

Plan Your Elopement Together: 

Our job starts the day you inquire. I will recommend an expected timeline, what to pack, and vendors booking for our adventure. With nature being your destination wedding venue and beautiful landscapes as your ceremony backdrops, the possibility is endless. But don’t let these factors overwhelm you with planning your dream elopement.

Photographing your love for one another always comes first, but in order to truly see you and photograph you organically and authentically, I do more than just photography.

Vendor Recommendations: No matter how big or small your elopement is, you’ll probably need more vendors than just a photographer. For adventure elopements and intimate weddings that require a bit more coordination & design, I have a list of wedding planners I can recommend.

Elopement Day: Let’s adventure, explore, get married, vows exchange, pop champagne, twerk on top of the mountain, and re-live all those moments over and over again via photographs.


Finally, if you’re asking yourself about the cost of your North Vietnam Elopement, I can say it really varies, as it would be with any location. This area offers some of the most prestigious and expensive villas.

But, of course, it also depends on several things including the choice of your décor, vendors, accommodation, and more. To give you an overall estimate it would start at $2100 US. Learn more about my photography packages here

Planning your dream adventure elopement from now