Reviews From My Couples Who Trust Me To Capture Their Love Stories

Thank you all wonderful people for your trust, love, and support throughout the years! It means the world. I’m so grateful to all my lovely couples and friends.
Let us start with, “Wow!”
We recently had the pleasure of working with Jasmin Photography for two very diverse shoots. We met for a lifestyle inner-city shoot in Hanoi and also had a spontaneous vow renewal ceremony together. We have to say, he is one of the most talented and thoughtful photographers we have ever worked with.
During the inner-city shoot, Thang was able to perfectly capture the energy and vibe of the city, and his natural eye for detail, composition, and the right moment resulted in some truly stunning images. At the vow renewal ceremony, he was able to capture the emotion and joy of the moment in a way that was truly magical. Each shoot had a very different vibe and for both he was able to seamlessly blend into the background and capture candid moments that we will treasure forever.
Throughout both shoots, Thang was incredibly professional and so easy to work with. He is reliable and was able to organise and mobilise a whole team for us with very short notice. He goes above and beyond to create not only imagery, but an experience that is truly unforgettable. He was patient and attentive throughout the entire process, and his calm and friendly demeanour helped put us at ease and made the entire experience enjoyable.
What really set Thang apart, though, was his thoughtful and kind approach. He was genuinely interested in getting to know us and making us feel comfortable, and his warmth and sincerity shone through in every interaction. By the end of the shoots, we had not only gotten some amazing photos, but had also made a new friend.
When we received the final photos, we were honestly blown away. Each image was beautifully composed and perfectly captured the mood and emotion of the moment. Thang’s editing skills are also top-notch, and the final product was nothing short of stunning. He transcends mere photography and truly creates art.
We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented and professional photographer in Vietnam. He is truly one of the best in the business, and his calm and kind demeanour is reflected in his beautiful imagery. We are grateful to know him, feel lucky to have worked with him, and look forward to staying in touch.
From Rose & Oliver

The way they chose the right angle to take beautiful pictures for us is amazing. The rustic color made the pictures more lively, more “art”, more nostalgic and more tranquil than any other type of normal photography that I’ve ever seen.
Seeing what they did just made me and my hubby smile happily in the photoshoot and ever after. We were truly happy to choose them. A highly recommended and must-choose place for every couple who is in love.
From Mai Thanh & Hùng

Absolutely stunning photoshoots!!
Frames, emotion, interaction are perfect. The make-up is so satisfactory that I don’t wanna erase it. He is enthusiastic, friendly, and professional. He made us feel comfortable the whole time.
The edited photos are even more gorgeous, and rustic. We love it!
Do yourself a favor and book him immediately if you are planning for your wedding photoshoots. He deserves more than 5 stars rating – 10000 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️…
From  P.Trang & Minh Hiếu

Thang was absolutely incredible when he took our engagement photos this year. I was so lucky that we connected and ended up planning an amazing experience from the other side of the world. When I initially contacted him, I was planning a surprise engagement for my to be fiancé during a trip to Halong bay.
He helped me keep it a secret, had stellar communication, and together we planned a day long shoot at multiple locations. On the shooting day, he brought two other photographers on his team and had some absolutely stunning shots that will last us a lifetime.
He is talented beyond belief and we had an amazing time. If you are thinking about working with him, know that he is the right person for your special day/occasion and that you won’t regret your decision (and that you will walk away feeling incredibly lucky and happy). Thank you so much, Thang! 110/100
From  Josh & Paige

Thang… What dreamy adventures we shared with you!
First, exchanging with him and getting to know each other before the actual photoshoot was such a pleasure! It’s so rare and precious to meet someone as well organized and passionate about every single of his artistic projects ✨
During the photoshoot, he took care of us, always concerned about how comfortable we were, guiding us with poses and right angles! We had so much fun and at the same time, it was pretty emotional to connect this way with my partner in front of his lens 💛
He also adapted his style to ours to create an intimate, sensual, and dark atmosphere that we absolutely ADORE!
Thang is a gem as a Photographer and human being. We will never thank him enough for these fantastic moments we’ve created together!
From Margaux and Keven

I would like to send Thang and his team a real big thanks for the beautifully captured moments at my wedding. What I expected him to do at first was simply just taking the moment but it turned out the photos are not only captured in “the right moment” but also look so naturally emotional.
I love how Thang and his team see the spectacular side of those small things that normal people wouldn’t even notice. As a bride, I was so tied up in the wedding so I felt so sorry for not being able to take full care of them, if I had had more time I would have talked to them more and gotten to know them better.
Again, thank you ‘các anh’ for seizing the precious and priceless moments of one of the most important events in our life. I wish you lots of health and happiness to bring happiness anywhere you’re going to. <3
From Nhan & Nguyen

We made the decision to have our pre-wedding photoshoot about six months prior to our actual wedding after coming across an incredible collection of wedding photos that perfectly captured the style we envisioned. We knew we wanted something intimate, with a vintage feel, and a connection to nature, and that’s exactly what we achieved with Jasmin, our chosen photographer.
Jasmin’s talent and expertise were invaluable throughout the entire process. His exceptional skills behind the camera resulted in stunning photos that exceeded our expectations. We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome and couldn’t be happier with the final results.
Thank you, Thang, for your immense talent, dedication, and artistic vision. The pre-wedding photos you captured and the editing you applied surpassed our expectations, creating stunning pieces of art that we will cherish for a lifetime.
From Huong & Dylan

Thắng and his team are very passionate professionals who love their job. They took amazing photos for our pre-wedding and wedding. His attention to detail and eyes for good angles are commendable.
We would highly recommend Jasmin Wedding to capture the precious moments on your special day.
From Phuong Nga & Erik

We could not be happier with our engagement photos! He came so close to our inspiration pictures and also gave us so many prompts! They are better than we could have imagined!
From McKenna & David

We’re super thankful that we somehow found Thang and his amazing work on Instagram as we were planning for our elopement photoshoot. His works display amazing play of colours, nature oriented and accurately portray couples’ genuine happiness and loving moments. We can definitely feel his passion for photography in general and for capturing love in particular.
During the whole process, from initial online meeting (as we’re overseas) to the execution, anh Thang and the Jasmin Wedding Photography team have been the most supportive and accommodating to ensure that we’re comfortable from where and how to pose to whether we were feeling too cold in that Northwestern Vietnam’s winter.
Harry is usually uncomfortable in front of camera, yet Thang’s guidance and encouragement made Harry feel less tense and actually started to love taking photo now. We have built strong rapport during the process, which enable us to trust him completely during the photoshoot sessions. The results? Well, we can only say that they are magical!!!
From Harry Tran & Gia Han

Our experience working with Thang was amazing. He made us feel so comfortable and guided us the whole time! We had never had professional photos done before, and I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about how it would go, especially since we were coming all the way from Canada and our only communication had been online and over a few video calls. We felt right at ease and I could not believe how amazing the photos looked after just seeing a few sneak peeks during our first shoot!!
I was initially drawn to Thang’s work via his Instagram page and LOVED the way he captured the couple’s moments and captured the beautiful surroundings as well. The fact that he even travelled to the location we’d chosen for our wedding (Phu Quoc Island) was so incredible. Our wedding went off without a hitch, he also found/suggested a florist that provided the decor for our ceremony and a beautiful backdrop for our photos.
We are forever grateful to have met and worked with Thang. We have gorgeous photos we will be able to look at and remember our trip by, and share with our family and our future children one day! do not hesitate to hire him, he is the best!! Thank you, Thang <3
From Kevin & Maeva

Our adventure elopement experience in Vietnam with Jasmin Wedding was incredible. Thang orchestrated our special day perfectly and made it a very stress free experience, which is exactly what we were looking for by eloping instead of doing a traditional wedding. He found the most beautiful untouched mountain top for our ceremony in Ninh Binh, with a stunning view. The location was only accessible by row boat and a short hike.
And it had absolutely no tourists which was so surprising given how popular of a destination Ninh Binh is for tourists. A true gem! It was exactly what we wanted. As a couple that lives in California, USA, we could not prepare ahead of time by looking at ceremony spots ourselves in person so we put our full trust in Thang and we’re so glad we did! He coordinated the boats and vendors so that we could truly enjoy the day and live in the moment, with no worries.
As a foreign LGBTQ+ lesbian couple visiting Vietnam for the first time, we did not know what to expect when we first started reaching out to photographers in Vietnam — but we were welcomed so warmly by Thang. We wanted to work with Thang because he immediately made us feel so safe and cared about.
His passion for supporting the LGBTQ+ community was beautiful and very endearing. His enthusiasm to be part of our celebration added an extra layer of joy for us. It wasn’t just a job for him; it was a heartfelt commitment to inclusivity and love. He is a true “hopeless romantic” and “loves love” – which is definitely the kind of vibe you should have around you on your wedding day!
Thang also has a really great artistic eye – while thinking through locations and poses for photography he was also cognizant of what would be good for videography and drone footage.
In addition, what set him apart was not just his skill behind the lens, but also his ability to make us feel at ease. As two individuals who typically shy away from the camera, his warmth and encouragement turned a potential discomfort into moments of genuine connection.
We became friends and even shared baby pictures! We will definitely be keeping in touch with him over the years, despite being across the world!
From Carolyn & Olivia

I cannot recommend Jasmin Wedding Photography enough for engagement photos! From start to finish, he did an incredible job of posing us and capturing both posed and candid shots that perfectly captured our love for each other.
His attention to detail and willingness to work with us on our vision made the experience truly enjoyable. Not only did he create beautiful photos, but he also made us feel at ease in front of the camera.
We are so grateful for his talent and expertise and cannot wait to have him capture more of our special moments in the future.
From  Vincent & Chie

Initially, we were having uncertainties and doubts when we were looking for a photographer to have our pre-wedding photoshoots done in Vietnam. Fortunately, Thang from Jasmin Wedding Photography quickly dispelled our doubts when we reached out to him.
Thang readily agreed to meet us over a Zoom call to discuss in detail about the itinerary. He suggested several beautiful locations after understanding what we are looking for.
Together with his crew consisting of his assistant, make-up artist and the driver, we headed to Moc Chau for our photoshoot. Overall, the experience was pleasant and fun, though tiring as the 2-days photoshoot went smoothly as planned. Everyone was really accommodating and professional!
We received our photos from Thang punctually and he was willing to further adjust the edits to meet our expectations.
Will definitely recommend Jasmin Wedding Photography if you are looking for an Elopement Wedding Photographer / Pre-wedding photoshoot in Vietnam.
From  Kuan & Serene

Cảm ơn Thắng và các bạn trong nhóm đã hỗ trợ nhiệt tình, chu đáo. Nhờ sự hỗ trợ của các bạn mà tụi mình đã có một chuyến đi tuyệt vời hơn. Lần sau về Việt Nam chắc chắn sẽ nhờ Thắng chụp hình tiếp. hehe :d
We had a marvellous experience in Moc Chau with the crew. Thang is very passionate about his trade and knew how to put us at ease and make our moments unique. Reviewing photos at home made me relive those moments again, our very own elopement experience.
Highly recommended! <3
From Kiều Chinh & Phú

Thang did prewedding photoshoot for a friend of mine before. I remember the first time I saw her photos on FB, I was like “Wow, that’s an impressive and unique prewedding album”. When it was my time to look for a photographer for my own prewedding shots, I contacted Jasmin Wedding.
Thang is an amazing storyteller, attentive, passionate, and willing to go extra mile to capture the best photos. Before the photoshoot, Thang took time to get to know us as a couple, to understand our story and capture it in every shot.
During the session, he encouraged us to be ourselves as he is invisible 😋. His kind words allowed us to loosen up and show off our love in the most natural way. Needless to say the final photos are unexpectedly gorgeous. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of pre-wedding photographer.
Thanks a lot for capturing our intimate moments through your lens.
From  Thuy Duong & Paulo

Một lời cám ơn chân thành và đánh giá cao sự chuyên nghiệp, con mắt nghệ thuật và sự hỗ trợ tuyệt vời của Thắng. Đã cho vợ chồng anh một bộ ảnh không thể chê một điểm gì.
Chúc em và Jasmin ngày càng phát triển, thăng hoa trong công việc và mong em sẽ luôn luôn giữ được cái “chất” của mình cũng như sự chân tình trong công việc mà em đang có.
Thời bây giờ cái gì cũng có sẵn. Nhưng chính vì thế mà lựa chọn được một cái thực sự như mong muốn vô cùng khó. Mỗi người sẽ có một sở thích khác nhau. Nếu mọi người có lựa chọn khá giống tụi mình: hình ảnh tự nhiên, màu sắc dung dị rustic và người làm ảnh có tâm thì hãy liên hệ Thắng nhé.
Thắng sẽ không làm các bạn thất vọng. <3
From Mr.Tiến & Bích

Thang is the most fantastic photographer I have met. He has an amazing talent for telling stories through photos. You won’t know when and how he shot, but his pictures will make you “wow” because of their beauty and emotion. 
His professional support tells me that he is genuinely passionate about photography. I have never regretted collaborating with  Thang for my Intimate Wedding cause I’ve got really great photos.
From  Minh Anh & Dung

The photographers were friendly and gave me helpful directions for better pictures/videos without being too intrusive.
Very approachable and reply to questions and requests promptly. The pictures turned out great.
From Vivian Song Min-Kyung Baker

We were so lucky when our friend recommended this photographer! We were looking for something low-key but poetic and romantic, and he delivered just that. He made great location suggestions, as you can see in the photos.
He successfully captured our most natural moments, we both looked so happy and we both shone together. This isn’t easy, since most people only focus on the bride. The photos were edited and sent to us really quickly, I don’t remember asking him for them.
My husband and I were, and still are, very pleased with the result. We plan to call him again for our 5th year anniversary 🙂
Thank you for helping to make our wedding perfect!
From  Dave & K.Phung

Thang is the absolute diamond of photographers. We booked Thang for an engagement/pre-wedding photoshoot because we wanted a photographer who understood not only weddings but we wanted someone who also understood Vietnam.
We initially hired Thang because he understood Hanoi and how to still take beautiful photos even in the midst of traffic, people, streets, and restaurants. He delivered more than that!
Thang was so fun, kind, gentle, and intuitive – and he captured photos that are so intimate, and he fully captured mine and my husbands’ relationship and personalities.
From booking him to receiving the beautifully packaged photos, we had the best experience with him! He even shared tons of photos with us. Every single photo of the day, I genuinely love.
I 100% highly recommend Thang because he is amazing!
From Thao & Matt

Look no further, I will highly recommend Thang and his team to help you with your photoshoots! We were worried the first time as it was the first time my fiancée and I were headed overseas for an elopement.
From the beginning to the end, Thang has been the most passionate and always assuring us during the whole process. Thang and his team are full of amazing ideas and never cease to amaze us!
The shoot day itself was a breeze. Thang made us feel completely at ease, and his creative direction and suggestions were invaluable. They scouted the perfect locations in advance, did ample research and guided us through each pose and moment with patience and expertise. Thang and his team’s ability to capture the chemistry and connection between us was nothing short of magical.
When the photos were ready, we were completely wow-ed by it and we have begun to recommend him to our friends, and hope we can also share with you the love and passion by him!
Choosing Thang for our elopement was one of the best decisions we made. His talent, professionalism, and passion for photography shine through in every image they deliver. We cannot wait to display these photos at our wedding and cherish them for a lifetime.
Thank you, Thang and his team, once again for giving us such a wonderful elopement experience and a treasure trove of memories that we will cherish forever!
From Ban & Damien

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