How To Plan Your Elopement in Vietnam/Asia

Over the past few years, adventure weddings and elopements have become more common. Vietnam has quickly become popular for couples looking to elope in nature. Vietnam has many beautiful natural places, there is no shortage of epic places to elope.

Today on the blog I’m sharing a list of the Best Vietnam Elopement Locations in Vietnam or Asia to consider. And everything else you need to know about eloping in Vietnam.

Choose The Right and The Best Ceremony Location in Vietnam/Asia

As with any elopement, choosing the right place to elope is a decision between you and your partner. Where you can envision yourself saying ‘I Do’.

For any couple that chooses to elope. I recommend that you sit down together, close your eyes, and envision your dream elopement day. Where do you see yourself? What activities do you want to enjoy together? Is there hiking involved?

Do you want to invite guests to come along? All these questions will help you start to narrow down the right elopement location for you!

I have done the research About your ideal elopement spots.

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Once you’ve decided on which beautiful nature you want to get married in. You’ll want to take a look at the available ceremony spots within the location. Some places limit the locations where you can hold a ceremony. This is an important step to consider when choosing your natural elopement location.

Distance from the closest airport

If you’re flying in for your elopement, you’ll want to consider how far the location is from the nearest airport. Most natural places are several hours drive away from the nearest major airport. Make sure to give yourself enough travel time in case your flight gets delayed or any other unexpected situations arise.

Elopement flowers, ceremony decorations

If you’re eloping in Vietnam, you may be wondering what options are available for your ceremony decorations and any other special setups you may be envisioning.

Many couples choose to elope in Vietnam because of the beauty and nature that already exists within this country. This often cuts down on additional decorations and setups, though some couples still like to incorporate unique and meaningful items as a token of their relationship or to serve as a reminder of loved ones who have passed.

In this case, it’s important to know that elopement in Vietnam is an amazing experience, it’s not without some restrictions.

While this may be discouraging, it’s important to abide by these restrictions as they mean protecting the natural environment and the wildlife within. As your elopement photographer, I can always help you plan and incorporate those special moments into other parts of your elopement timeline.

How Do We Start this Process?

– You should learn all about adventure elopements and destination weddings to decide whether elopement is for you

– Explore stories on real adventure elopements and intimate weddings for inspiration

– Contact me and share with me your story or what your dream elopement looks like

Here is what we are going to do next together:

Initial Phone Call: I will schedule a Video Call on WhatsApp/Zoom or whatever application you are comfortable with. I will learn about one another and get all your questions answered.

Reserve A Date: I will proceed with a contract and a retainer fee when you guys are ready to book so I can save the date for you.

Plan Your Elopement Together: Our job starts the day you inquire. With nature being your destination wedding venue and beautiful landscapes as your ceremony backdrops, the possibility is endless. I will recommend an expected timeline, what to pack, and vendors booking for our adventure. But don’t let these factors overwhelm you with planning your dream elopement.

Photographing your love for one another always comes first, but in order to truly see you and photograph you organically and authentically, I do more than just photography.

Vendor Recommendations: I can provide elopement vendor recommendations. No matter how big or small your elopement is, you’ll probably need more vendors than just a photographer.

For adventure elopements and intimate weddings that require a bit more coordination & design, I have a list of wedding planners I can recommend.

Elopement Day: Adventure, explore, get married, vows exchange, pop champagne, twerk on top of the mountain, and re-live all those moments over and over again via photographs.

Cost of Eloping in Vietnam

Eloping in nature is a great way to save money on a wedding venue. While some costs still come with planning an outdoor wedding or elopement, the cost is typically much less than a traditional wedding.

For Vietnam elopements, you typically only need to pay an entrance fee into locations (if any) as well as a fee for your special use permit.

To learn more about how much it costs to elope, click here!