Elopement Wedding

Elopement Wedding

In the past, elopements have been defined as getting married on the whim or without approval. People have also thought elopements to be ill-planned, shameful, or inconsiderate.

Guess what?

Elopements don’t mean any of that. In fact, the definition of what an elopement is has changed drastically over the years and has gained more and more popularity with people like you, adventurers.

An elopement is defining and planning your wedding day to be what YOU want it to be. An elopement is a special day that has been designed and planned specifically for the couple.

Elopements also stip away the extra stuff, the fluff, and the details that many brides and grooms don’t even notice on their special day. This day is intentionally intimate, small, and meaningful to reflect who you both are. Let’s face it, it’s you’re wedding day, and you do not need to worry about who to sit next to who to avoid family drama.

Source: wanderingweddings.com

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