Margaux & Keven


Margaux and Keven’s Adventure Wedding Photoshoots in Vietnam were one of the few adventure weddings I took on this year. They are incredible fire artists from Canada and France. We met up at one of my favourite spots in the North of Vietnam.

I got to learn about their story, their life, their growth, and their love. I don’t think my words are enough to capture all the emotions I felt on these days as I witnessed their love and emotion so here are the words from the couple:

Thang… What dreamy adventures we shared with you!

First, exchanging with him and getting to know each other before the actual photoshoot was such a pleasure! It’s so rare and precious to meet someone as well organized and passionate about every single of his artistic projects ✨

During the photoshoot, he took care of us, always concerned about how comfortable we were, guiding us with poses and right angles! We had so much fun and at the same time, it was pretty emotional to connect this way with my partner in front of his lens 💛

He also adapted his style to ours to create an intimate, sensual, and dark atmosphere that we absolutely ADORE!

Thang is a gem as a Photographer and human being. We will never thank him enough for these fantastic moments we’ve created together!


Over these last few years, I’ve captured quite many couples in Vietnam, witnessing some of the most intense and unique moments of someone’s life. I know how it feels and what needs to make it a truly one-of-a-kind moment. Every adventure elopement is different and holds incredible and unexpected beautiful emotions.

Vietnam is the perfect destination to make this happen. It doesn’t matter if you have a precise idea of where you wish to propose or if you need some expert advice. I will help you make your adventure elopement truly unforgettable. In the meantime, you can have a look at our updated Vietnam Guide!

There are too many beautiful places in Vietnam to choose to save the love of your life. I’ve been shooting in this area so often that I became a local elopement and wedding photographer. That day and that moment, I had the honour to witness the kind of love beyond. Chances allowed me here, in this space, at this moment, heart beating fast, smile from ear to ear, away from everything else in the world.

This is why I also know a lot of alternative epic spots so that you can have the most romantic yet perfect surprise photoshoots in this magical place. As it happened with our lovely couple.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure elopement photographer in Vietnam or anywhere else in Asia, shoot me an email. I would love to capture your story, finally creating timeless memories together!