Moc Chau – hidden pearl in the north

Moc Chau – hidden pearl in the north

Moc Chau is located in the southeast of Son La province, 180 km northwest of Hanoi. The climates of a temperate plateau, cool all year round. This attracts many visitors who couldn’t stand the hotness of Sorthern Vietnam. It is famous for tea hills, peach orchards, plum gardens, dairy farms.

The beauty of Moc Chau is beyond words: You need to get there, talk to the people, feel the cool breeze, drive the motor, watch flowers bloom and enjoy authentic tea just to grasp the feeling of Moc Chau.

To understand about Moc Chau – charming land of Northwest, you need to really immerse yourself into the slow, laid-back lifestyle of its citizens. Just take time to enjoy life and to find peace for your inner self, as Moc Chau is a perfect getaway for your soul.

Here is also romantic place for couples who want to elope: mountains, waterfalls, highlands, tea hills, plum & peach gardens … Someone says that Moc Chau gives off peaceful feeling but with a lot of people it is worth more than peaceful.

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